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Please see Tire Description Label in the pictures. It highlights size, make/model, DOT(first two digits are week and 2nd two digits are year of manufacture), tread depth in all four grooves, repairs(if any and location of), irregular wear, weathering, or curb rash. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
At Studey's Performance Plus Tires we work very hard to accurately describe and provide quality products to all of our customers.  Still we are human and mistakes can happen.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product you receive, please contact us by phone or email first.  We will work with you to make things right.  As always positive feedback and five star ratings in all categories is greatly appreciated.

We put great effort into providing quality tires at a great price. We specialize in difficult to find, high performance, and name brand tires.  All pictures are of the actual tires you will receive, please look closely at all pictures.  All tires are visually inspected for cosmetic defects, (i.e scuffs, uneven wear, weathering) and are shown in the pictures if present.  All tires are pressure tested for leaks using our TI95 Tire Inspector and if present are professionally repaired using the Safety Seal Plug/Liquid patch system. No repairs or patches are ever made to the sidewalls. They may be close but the location of each repair will be shown with an "X" in the pictures.  Tread depth is measured in all four major tread grooves and displayed in the photos as well. 

Tires will be repaired using Safety Seal Combination Plug/Liquid Patch repair system.  It meets and conforms to the industry standard of filling the injury and sealing the inner liner.  They are good for the life of the tire.  This is a far superior product to a standard patch, that uses a plug to fill the injury and liquid patch on the inside to seal the liner. It creates a better bond to the liner and is more flexible than a standard patch. Please contact me with any questions about the Safety Seal repair system

Youtube video of Safety Seal Repair System:

We use state of the art equipment to test all of our tires.  The TI95 Tire Inspector helps us to find any broken belts, sidewall bubbles and leaks. 
Youtube video of TI95 Tire Inspector


How to read the tire description label in the pictures
1) What is cupping?
Cupping refers to the wear on the tire being uneven.  It is usually caused from bad suspension parts.  It may cause the tire to vibrate or be noisy.  Please dont purchase a tire that is marked as being cupped if it concerns you.

2)What is weathering?
Weathering refers to small cracks found in the tread grooves or sidewall of a tire.  It is caused from the rubber drying out.  Some shops may refuse to mount a tire like this or tell you it is unsafe.  Please dont purchase a tire that is marked as having weathering if it concerns you.

3) What is curb rash/rubbing?
Curb rash or rubbing refers to damage to the sidewall of the tire from bumping or rubbing a curb.  We pressure test all tires, any curb rash/rubbing is inspected for leaks or bubbles.  We can see if any internal damage has occurred this way or if the tire will leak.  Any tire we sell having this kind of damage is cosmetic only, although some shops may refuse to mount.  Please don't purchase a tire marked as having curb rash if it concerns you.

4) Where is the repair located or how many repairs does the tire have?
The number of repairs and repair location will be marked on the tire label with an "X" in the pictures.  We never repair a tire that has a hole in the sidewall.  Some repairs are made close to the sidewalls, some shops may refuse to install them.  Please don't purchase a tire if the location of the repair concerns you.

5) Where should I get my tires mounted?
We suggest you take all used tires to a used tire shop in your area.  They are the most reasonably priced, support a small business, and are the least likely to try to sell you new tires or refuse to mount a used tire.

6) What percentage of tread does this tire have left?
We measure all tires using an accurate tread depth gauge in all four major tread depth grooves.  Measurements are taken in 32nds of an inch.  Most states require 2/32 at minimum to pass DOT Inspections.  Depth will be shown on the tire label in the pictures.  Most passenger tires start new with 10/32, performance tires with 9/32, truck tires with 12/32, and Mud Terrain tires with 18/32.  We don't give a percentage because it can be misleading. 
7)How do I read a DOT code?
The first two digits are the week, 2nd two digits are the year.  IE 2112 is the 21st week of 2012.  We do sell older discontinued tires on occasion tires but the DOT code will be shown in the pictures.  Some shops may refuse to mount them, please don't purchase if the age concerns you of any particular tire.

8)What is camber wear?
Camber wear is heavy wear on the edges of a tire.  It is caused by bad alignments.  It will be described on the tire information label in the pictures.  Additional pictures of the wear on the tire will be taken as well.  Please dont purchase a tire marked as having camber wear if it concerns you.

Return Policy:
Returns are accepted on unmounted tires for 14 days.  Please contact us if you have a concern.  Note: Even though shipping is listed as free, it costs us money.  Original shipping costs and ebay fess will not be refunded to customers on items that were purchased by mistake, or customer changed mind. Customer will be partially refunded original purchase price minus ebay and shipping fees and will be responsible for return shipping as well on items such as this.  Genuinely faulty tires or mistakes on our behalf will receive full refunds and will not be responsible for original shipping costs or ebay fees.
All tires will be shipped via UPS ground or Speedee Delivery (guaranteed 1-5 days) unless otherwise requested by customer.  Tires are shipped the following business day after payment is received. Tracking #'s will be uploaded into ebay when the tires ship.

Payment: At this time we accept Paypal only.  A credit card can be processed through PayPal even if you don't have an account.  Just use the Paypal guest account option.

We warrantee and represent that the goods are as described in the above listing. We specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Customers should satisfy themselves that any item choice made is suitable for their intended purpose or use. We pride ourselves on our customer service. In the rare event that you have a problem with your item please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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